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  • AFS-WM: The standard warehouse management in R/3 has been enhanced to include data at SKU level. The functions and processes, such as goods receipt, replenishment, stock taking and goods issue in WM are applicable for AFS material. Strategies are also possible on SKU level. Reports and screens have been enhanced to display SKU data.
  • AFS-PP: Developed the functionality to associate a grid with a class item in a BOM and also allocate material components with the same grid to the class item. This will substantially reduce the amount of BOM maintenance needed. In configuration, when the appropriate component is chosen, it will replace the class item as in standard R/3 and all grid relationships to the top level grid should remain from the class item grid.
  • AFS-ARUN: Implementing the parallel functionality for reducing the runtime of the allocation run. + analyze tools
  • AFS-ARUN: Manuel Rejection
  • AFS-ARUN: Reorganization of selection sets and version management
  • AFS-ARUN: Extending Loklogic for customer order and online arun
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